"Advertising is the principal reason why the business man has come to inherit the earth."

- James Randolph Adams, quoted in John P. Bradley, Leo F. Daniels & Thomas C. Jones, The International Dictionary of Thoughts, 1969
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We have access to a wide range of research that may be useful to you in planning your choice of media.

This includes circulation audits, readership & coverage studies and lifestyle & consumption surveys. For more information about any of the research or to request coverage runs or schedule evaluations for your target group, please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 20 8446 6400 or via email to .



Roy Morgan Readership Survey
Universe: 16,353,000
Sample: 50,000+

One of the largest media surveys in the world, surveying over 50,000 Australians aged 14+. The survey measures average issue readership, extensive demographics, purchasing behaviour, lifestyles and values.

New Zealand

NMR National Readership Survey
Universe: 3,303,000
Sample: 12,000

The NRS is an annual large-scale survey conducted through 12,000 face-to-face interviews with people aged ten years and over. It provides valuable insights into the characteristics, reading habits, attitudes and consumption patterns of newspaper and magazine readers in New Zealand.



European Business Readership Survey
Universe: 431,216
Sample: 9,461

EBRS covers more than 430,000 senior business individuals in almost 60,000 companies across 17 European nations. The survey covers companies with more than 250 employees and the head offices of banks and insurance companies. The survey provides information on business decision making, status and responsibilities, business travel and international business activities, personal income, investments, car ownership and demographics.


Index Danmark / Gallup
Universe: 4,534,000
Sample: 11,583

This survey monitors print media consumption in Denmark amongst all individuals aged 12+ and surveys topics such as areas of interest, activities, lifestyle and consumption of leading brands.


Decision Makers Survey
Universe: 509,000 individuals, 7,967 organisations
Sample: 4077 individuals, 1,299

Conducted every two years, the DMS provides in-depth information regarding the use of media by senior business people in Finland in the public and private sectors. DMS samples both individuals and organisations. There are estimated to be 191,000 senior decision-makers in Finland.

Universe: 4,369,000
Sample: 26,000

National readership survey for Finland covering media consumption for all individuals aged 12+.


IPSOS Medias – La France Cadres Actifs
Universe: 6,577,000
Sample: 7,004

IPSOS covers the media consumption of French executives and provides information on their professional environment, socio-demographic criteria and lifestyle & personal interests.

Universe: 578,000
Sample: 1,805

Business readership survey for the French IT sector, focusing on IT, networking and telecommunication.


Leser Analyse Elektronik Fachzeitschriften (LA ELFA)
Universe: 260,200
Sample: 720

Comprehensive readership analysis of German-language electronics trade journals. This comprehensive survey provides information on main field of activity, media consumption, involvement in decision making and planned purchases.


Universe: 50,206,000
Sample: 28,800

General readership survey covering all Italians aged 14+.

Universe: 48,276,000
Sample: 10,000

Lifestyle survey based on the Audipress survey, which examines socio-demographic characteristics as well as media consumption and personal consumption.


Decision Makers Survey
Universe: 1,596,000
Sample: 3,092

The Decision Makers Survey has for many years been the most authoritative readership survey of Dutch decision makers. This up-to date study, which is regularly adapted to reflect changing market conditions, provides a clear picture of the distribution, areas of responsibility, reading habits and personal characteristics of decision makers in The Netherlands.

NOM Print Monitor
Universe: 13,592,000
Sample: 13,500

General readership survey covering all Dutch adults aged 13+.

Corporate Image Barometer
Universe: 1,584,000
Sample: 704,000

Awareness and image survey amongst business decision makers in 280 Dutch companies.


MMI, Fagpresseundersøkelsen
Universe: 450,000
Sample: 3,338

Norway’s business readership survey, examining media consumption, demographics and involvement in decision making amongst Norway’s business community.

Gallup, Forbruker & Media
Universe: 3,733,000
Sample: 10,000

Large TGI study conducted twice a year, covering all individuals aged 13+, including data on all Norwegian national newspapers and magazines.


Orvesto Konsument
Universe: 6,800,000
Sample: 45,000 – 50,000

General consumer readership survey covering all Swedes aged 15-79. Orvesto Konsument provides general demographic information, as well as detailed information on media consumption, purchasing habits, brand awareness, attitudes and values.

Orvesto Näringsliv
Universe: 2,700,000
Sample: 13,000 – 14,000

Orvesto Näringsliv is Sweden’s business readership survey, measuring the media consumption of approximately 2.7 million Swedish business people. The survey covers areas such as job title, job function, involvement in decision making, income, travel habits and private interests.

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