"Advertising is the principal reason why the business man has come to inherit the earth."

- James Randolph Adams, quoted in John P. Bradley, Leo F. Daniels & Thomas C. Jones, The International Dictionary of Thoughts, 1969
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Welcome to the Smyth International Media Representatives website.

Smyth International is the UK advertising sales representative for leading media owners across the globe.

Our role is to help UK-based advertisers and advertising agencies to reach their target groups efficiently and effectively using our strong portfolio of newspapers, magazines, websites, newsletters and ambient advertising opportunities.

This site is designed as an information source to assist during the media planning process. It provides an overview of each of the media that we represent, as well as information on the research we have access to and the other services we are able to provide. The site is simply a first point of contact – please do not hesitate to call or email us at any time to discuss your requirements in person with our extremely knowledgeable team.

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Services for Advertisers and Advertising Agencies

Information about all of our media can be found by searching our publication database. You can search by Media Title, Media Type and Country by clicking on Media in the navigation bar above. Alternatively, enter a word or phrase in the Search field and we will find all the media that match this criterion for you.

For more information about our full range of services, please click here or click on the Services button in the navigation bar above and select Advertisers/Agencies

Services for Publishers

If you are a publisher looking for first-class representation in the UK, please visit our publishers’ section by clicking here or selecting Services from the navigation bar above and clicking on the Publishers link.


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